Company Name : Yolo Cosmetics

Production Chemist

About the Job

  • Prepare chemical solutions for products, following standardized formulas, or create experimental formulas.
  • Monitor product quality to ensure compliance with standards and specifications.
  • Set up and conduct chemical experiments, tests, and analyzes. to assist the management in making qualitative or quantitative analyses different materials.
  • Maintain, clean, or sterilize laboratory instruments and equipment.
  • Develop and conduct programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards of raw materials, chemical intermediates, and final products.
  • Direct and monitor other workers producing chemical products.
  • Order and inventory materials to maintain supplies.
  • Perform laboratory tests to produce our products according to standards and guidelines.
  • Ensure final product meets quality and customer specifications.
  • Handle laboratory equipment and supplies safely and effectively.
  • Document laboratory activities for reference purposes.
  • Monitor and report progress of analytical tests to R&D Manager on a regular basis.
  • Work with R&D team to set objectives and milestones.
  • Coordinate prioritize and plan lab tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Maintain sufficient stock of chemicals and supplies to perform lab experiments.
  • Investigate issues, analyze root causes and define resolutions.
  • Suggest improvements for test procedures to achieve project objectives.
  • Develop standard procedures to improve quality and efficiency.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or Science, Major: Chemistry.
  • 3 to 5 years experience in the cosmetic field or Manufactory field.
  • Outstanding research, reporting and analytical skills.
  • Cairo resident.

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