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Product Manager

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Do you want to make an impact and help transform people’s lives?

At Bayt.Com, we are committed to empowering people to lead better lives by providing them with the tools and information to build their lifestyle of choice. We are passionate about our services and seek to deliver the best experience for our customers. Not only are we devoted to our work and customers but most meaningfully to each other’s success. 

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  • Build scalable and highly intuitive products to help recruiters:
  • Maximize choice of relevant candidates in applicant lists and talent funnels,
  • Speed up the process of conducting the selection, assessment, and evaluations of candidates and reporting success through managing highly visible acquisition cycles, supported with utilization reports and instant metrics.
  • Partner with direct management and strategy team to develop realistic annual or bi-annual strategy executions for the employer products line.
  • Work collaboratively with direct management on developing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).
  • Conduct market intelligence and competitor analysis to identify projects and activities to bridge gaps and develop better communications that highlight our edge and unique selling points.
  • Analyze, design, and develop business requirements that include: systems and solutions specifications, business actors’ personas, process flows, macro & micro-interactions, and supporting metrics.
  • Work effectively and collaboratively with software engineers, product managers & analysts, UI/UX specialists, support units, focus groups, users, and customers.
  • Manage internal and external product education through pre and post-mortem communications.

 Quality metrics

  • An NPS score for Job posting products>= 50%
  • An NPS score for CV Search products>= 50%

Inputs & Activities


  • Design and execute strategies for employer acquisition using different channels such as SEO, SEM, Social Media, Aggregation, internal CV databases, and other growth hacking techniques.


  • Design and produce the product’s trials and onboarding walkthroughs to maximize customer experimentation and simplify new customer activations.

Conversion Optimization: 

  • Monitor different conversion funnels through which recruiters go through and consistently try to improve the conversion rates by employing iterative and systematic A/B tests.
  • Oversee the research initiatives to understand users’ conversions shortcomings and design and execute a well-studied hypothesis to solve identified weaknesses and inefficiencies.


  • Re-engage and re-activating existing customers through all possible channels.
  • Design and implement effective re-engagement content through on-site/App messaging, browser-push, email, and mobile push notifications.
  • Work actively with teams responsible for managing our CRM and Marketing Automation tools.
  • Monitor and take actions to maintain a healthy mailer reputation score across’s mail send servers.


  • Understand the recruiter’s system journey by identifying best practices, problems, and inefficiencies. Then work on solving for better UI and improved processes.
  • Partner with the sales and customer care teams to help interpret customer feedback and experience and create customer-centric solutions. 

Packaging and Dynamic Pricing:

  • Design and develop packages and pricing strategies that facilitate the best mapping between our choices and the broad range of customers we serve.
  • Analyze bundles, sizes, product features, and access parameters vs. customers’ personas, needs, and perceptions of value in terms of choice, speed, and cost.
  • Oversee data projects required to design algorithms that show our customers’ dynamic package configurations or prices.
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