Company Name : Egypt Education Platform (EEP)

Procurement Supervisor

Job Description

  • You will lead a team of procurement professionals, overseeing their daily activities, and providing guidance to negotiate contracts, evaluate suppliers, and manage supplier relationships to achieve favorable terms and conditions.
  • As Procurement Manager, you will track and analyze key performance indicators, such as cost savings, supplier performance, and compliance, to report on procurement achievements and drive continuous improvement efforts within the organization.
  • Your role involves closely monitoring and analyzing key performance metrics, including cost savings, supplier performance, and compliance, as Procurement Manager. You will use these insights to report on procurement accomplishments and propel ongoing improvement initiatives within the organization.
  • You will be responsible for monitoring and analyzing vital performance indicators like cost savings, supplier performance, and compliance as Procurement Manager, providing detailed reports on procurement achievements, and spearheading ongoing enhancement endeavors across the organization.
  • You will be in charge of a procurement team, providing direction in supplier selection, negotiation, and contract management, and cultivating strong supplier partnerships to realize the organization’s procurement aspirations.
  • As the Procurement Manager, you will lead the development and execution of procurement strategies to optimize the sourcing of goods and services, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and supplier quality.
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