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Company Name : Khalifa Al Mulhem Holding Co.

Procurement Officer / manager

Job Description

The purpose of the Procurement officer / managerjob is ensure the cost-efficient and timely procurement of permanent materials related to equipment, machinery, general construction, subcontractors and other non-construction activities.


• Coordinates with the team for completing the Procurement Schedule

• Coordinates with the Procurement Unit Head to complete and update the Procurement Plan and ensures it is regularly updated

• Coordinates and consolidates requests for permanent materials among multiple projects to negotiate the most advantageous terms 

• Prepares Purchase Orders / Sub-contract Agreement as per approved submittal and material service request sent by the site

• Completes the Purchase Order’s attachment, comparison sheet, and material files for Procurement Unit Head’s review

• Manages the efficient flow of purchase requests to the buyers for action

• Accountable for the prequalification of suppliers and subcontractors 

• Evaluates whether suppliers are capable of consistently delivering products and services in a timely manner and within required quality standards

• Searches for, identifies, and establishes contacts with new suppliers and subcontractors

• Manages the periodic reevaluation of suppliers and subcontractors

• Updates suppliers’ and subcontractors’ database

• Maintains quality and price records for all purchased items

Communications and Working Relationships

• Coordinates with the Engineering/Design Unit when design details are involved

• Reviews the completed Procurement Schedule with the Procurement Unit Head

• Discusses the material files with the Procurement Unit Head as required

• Conducts regular visits to sites and coordinates with the sites for procurement issues

• Coordinates with the Estimation Unit in sending RFQ’s, obtaining quotations, preparing comparison sheets, and preparing material files

• Interfaces with the QA/QC department with respect to their “audit” of suppliers

• Interfaces with all parts of the organization to ask for assistance when assessing suppliers and subcontractors

• Works with Procurement Unit Head on selecting suppliers for prequalification

• Coordinates with Warehouse Officer when material is returned to supplier

• Coordinates with Finance for the proper management of accounts receivables and payables

• Coordinates with Finance to ensure receives appropriate credit facilities

• Communicates with potential suppliers

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