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Company Name : Craft

Procurement & Logistics Manager

Job Description


  • To coordinate purchasing activities of all kinds (local and international) in order to fulfill internal and external needs in a timely and effective manner (Overall Procurement)
  • Managing the procurement and fully aligning and integrating with wider commercial function working with the client team to understand key program objectives, constraints, and opportunities
  • Leading the procurement function within the joint venture/business development team and development of the procurement and packaging strategy for all projects within the program, implementing the procurement processes through to contract award
  • Developing plans for innovation in procurement to improve outcomes, collaborating with the client team, communicating progress, and raising issues and opportunities for optimizing the process
  • Developing, implementing, and continuously improving the supply chain’s input within the context of the supply chain policy, project’s commercial strategy, and relevant legislation and regulation
  • Developing and deploying training materials to support awareness and adoption of supply chain processes as they evolve
  • Well-versed with “inco” terms and operate accordingly for all international shipment
  • Petty cash Handling, recording, reconciliation, and report submission on a regular (weekly basis)


  • Analyze the purchase request from the user departments and determine the appropriate method of procurement, Quotation, Tender, and Request for Proposal. Provide assistance to user departments, when required, in the preparation of specifications, etc. 
  • Contribute to the development and formulation of purchasing procedures and practices as required.
  • Prepare timely and accurate management information covering aspects of stakeholder engagement in the procurement process lifecycle, resulting in effective performance management and delivery of required outcomes.
  • Prepare, process, and issue PO to suppliers as needed.
  • Monitor stock and warehouse, to update and manage the stocks regularly.
  • Ensure supply chain processes meet legal requirements and standards.
  • Negotiate acceptable payment terms with suppliers in the best interest of our Company and favorable for proper cash flow
  • Ensure the payments request for suppliers are submitted in full with supporting documents to the finance dept to process payments in a timely manner depending on payment terms.
  • Oversee product storage, handling, and distribution
  • Responsible for tracking, receiving, and stocking all items ordered
  • Ensure materials are appropriately stored
  • Managing and maintaining inventory to operating levels to avoid supply disruptions
  • Responsible for supervising and accounting for an inventory
  • Carrying out annual property inventory and providing other reports in his area of responsibility.
  • Working on Shipments related to internationally procured material
  • To arrange Sea/Air Freight of items/materials purchased internationally
  • To collaborate with Freight forwarders and coordinate with shipment tracking from purchase to delivery at site
  • To obtain Saber/Saso Certification for the importing of regulated items through the company Saber Portal
  • To coordinate with Certification bodies and manufacturers to obtain proper certification for the materials to be imported at the right time and to avoid demurrage charges.
  • To issue authority to different customs brokers for clearance of shipments through fasah portal.
  • Complete the Procurement cycle on the ERP system (Oracle Fusion) by arranging VAT invoices and submitting them to the Finance department and closing the PO on the system.
  • Issue Expense Vouchers for all petty cash purchases and submit to the accounts dept with maintaining a record.
  • Strategically managing a warehouse in compliance with the company’s policies and vision
  • Ensuring contracts and lease documents of warehouses and factories are up to date and properly stored
  • Supporting development and management of component catalogs, managing the constant flux of material pricing, and developing an understanding of low-cost country sourcing opportunities
  • Developing key practices and processes to enable effective/profitable, goods/materials to be purchased in line with operational needs regarding price certainty, quality, delivery, and sustainability.
  • Directing supply chain due diligence, mapping, and development to support the delivery of the overall project procurement strategy of the company.
  • Negotiating and managing frameworks (commercial and contract management).
  • Managing the end-to-end process of materials in/out (including lead times, and stock levels) to ensure effective material demand planning and forecasting alongside day-to-day supply chain management and factory engagement. 
  • Working with projects and suppliers to reduce on-site storage including phased delivery with improved accurate lead times.
  • Developing and managing faulty/late product processes.
  • Developing the project’s supply chain intelligence capability to support the project’s understanding of its supply chain, enhance value for the project and identify and help mitigate supply chain risks
  • Supporting the development and continuous improvement of supply chain systems and implementation of identified improvements to end-to-end supply chain processes aligned to the project’s overarching systems strategy
  • Managing and overseeing the system enhancements/access requests to supply chain systems to ensure the continued effective operation of supply chain processes and process controls
  • Forecast levels of demand for services and products.
  • Interfacing with project teams, project controls, finance, HR, and other project functions as required to support combined data management and reporting, including ownership of supply chain
  • Develop and implement a procurement strategy
  • Forecast price trends and their impact on future activities
  • Ensure suppliers are aware of business objectives and develop strategies to make sure that cost savings and supplier performance targets are met – or exceeded
  • Keep up to date with trends and innovations, regulations, and new technology that can impact the business
  • Build and maintain good relationships with new and existing suppliers
  • Undertake value for money reviews of existing contracts and arrangements
  • Ensure the security and sustainability of sources of essential products and services
  • Negotiate and agree on contracts, monitoring the quality of service provided
  • Keep contract files and use them as reference for the future
  • Advantages of working with Oracle Fusion
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