Company Name : Confidential Company Jeddah

Process Excellence Manager

Job Description

Main Job Purpose

Manage & develop the operations business process with the ultimate goal of ensuring consistent processes that is efficient and effective through design and testing. Deliver symmetric, positive outcomes with minimal variation to the process and ensure the continuity of business in times of crisis.


  • Ensure operational excellence through adherence to designed processes and process audits.
  • Drive process improvement, process re-engineering, and support the implementation of changed processes through collaborations with third parties (e.g. ERP, Consultant, etc..) to improve the quality and productivity of operational processes and systems.
  • Support and assist the analysis of operational procedures, including documents and processes to facilitate the discovery of pain points and improvement areas in order to ensure smooth operations. 
  • Increase productivity through automation, optimization of operational processes in order to ensure better quality and customer satisfaction in alignment with corporate strategy.
  • Evaluate existing and seek external opportunities for LogiPoint that will further operational and strategic goals.
  • Lead organization-wide cost reduction program targeted at reducing operational costs tangibly through communication and collaborations with the concerned stakeholders (internally/externally). 
  • Assist Operation Head in developing and implementing department’s annual operation plan, and KPIs to ensure business continuity and achieve department’s target and company’s strategic objectives.
  • Manage Operational Excellence programs and efforts at the organization for short- and long-term goals achievement assuring culture and systems development in support of continuous improvement in cost and quality performance.
  • Prepare and submit periodic reports on a weekly/monthly basis to the line manager or as requested. (e.g. reports in regard to the progress of ERP implementation) to ensure the quality of the service provided on each request.
  • Liaise with all stakeholders for the execution of process improvement initiatives.

External Relationships

  • Customers
  • Governmental Entities 
  • Suppliers
  • Third parties

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