Company Name : Air Products (Middle East) FZE

Process Automation Network Engineer

Job Description

Job Description and Qualifications

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform administration of plant networks and systems including but not limited to routers, switches, firewalls, servers, operating systems, and other devices and components.
  • Ensure a reliable and secure operation of the process automation system infrastructure.
  • Monitor plant systems and networks for error-free and secure operation and acceptable performance.
  • Promote Cybersecurity awareness amongst all plant’s personnel.
  • Participate in Plant Network Security events such as but not limited to the following (Risk Assessment Review and Recertification, Compliance Assessments, Maturity Assessment, Industrial Security in investigating breaches within the plant operating facility, Cybersecurity Internal Audit, PCS Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Review and Recertification, PCS O&M and necessary documents Review and Recertification, Users Access Authorization Review and Recertification, Hardening Procedures Review and Recertification, Network Drawings Review and Recertification, Firewalls’ Rules Review and Recertification for both IT and DMZ.)
  • Handle, maintain, and fix all the end points issues in cybersecurity tripwire automated system.
  • Review Plant Network design drawings and provides commissioning, startup, and maintenance support of plant networks and systems.
  • Install new process automation network system components.
  • Perform hardware and software upgrades, backups, restore procedures and documents disaster recoveries, Perform software modifications, database and process historian administration.

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