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Company Name : انجاز

Plant Manager

Job Description


The Plant Manager oversees the daily operations regarding procession of orders from relevant departments/branches, staff, machines, scheduling, and time management. The Plant Manager works closely with the Operations and Upper Management to better improve productivity, efficiency, employee and food safety. Plant Manager is expected to prepare and execute production plans while organizing and directing plant maintenance, security, repair, and physical operation with quality and efficiency in everyday operation. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work in coordination with relevant departments in preparing and executing a clear production plan.
  • Organize and schedule the shifts and staff daily operation.
  • Process all branch orders with the highest quality/efficiency.
  • Keep clear records of all processes in factory to ensure a clear path for traceability and sustainability.
  • Implement Food Safety Regulations compliance needs and Food Safety requirements for all product and personnel.
  • Completes and keep records of all required documentation correctly for the finance department documentation purposes and in turn functionality traceability, and Food Safety compliance.
  • Train, educate, and discipline all employees on how to improve job duties and performance.
  • Supervises, assigns, and reviews the work of the staff in plant, review performance evaluations of staff and report outputs to the HR Department.
  • Works closely with the Operation Manager to meet all branch(s) needs regarding ordering and receiving times.
  • Assures that all staff works their job duties with SAFETY being top priority.
  • Improve manpower utilization to ensure efficiency of operation.
  • Manage inventory portion of factory and ensure Food Safety Regulation and Compliance is applied.

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