Performance Test Lead

Job Description

Job Overview: We are in search of a highly experienced Performance Testing Lead with a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience. The ideal candidate will be proficient in LoadRunner, JMeter, and monitoring tools such as App Dynamics, Grafana, and Kibana. An understanding of the banking domain and expertise in microservices/API performance testing is highly desirable. Proficiency in Java scripting is also preferred.

Key Responsibilities:

·        Lead the planning, design, and execution of performance testing strategies and activities to evaluate application performance, reliability, and scalability.

·        Develop performance test plans, scenarios, and scripts to simulate various workload conditions and measure system response.

·        Utilize LoadRunner and JMeter to conduct performance, load, and stress tests on applications, identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks and issues.

·        Implement and configure monitoring tools such as App Dynamics, Grafana, and Kibana to capture and analyze application performance metrics and trends.

·        Collaborate with development and operations teams to analyze performance test results, diagnose performance issues, and recommend solutions for optimization.

·        Specialize in microservices and API performance testing, ensuring the stability and efficiency of service-oriented architecture.

·        Utilize Java scripting for enhancing and customizing performance testing scripts and scenarios, where applicable.

·        Provide mentorship and guidance to junior performance test engineers, sharing best practices and ensuring high-quality test deliverables.

Skills and Qualifications: Required Skills:

·        Proven expertise in performance testing tools such as LoadRunner and JMeter, with a track record of successful performance testing execution and analysis.

·        Proficient in using monitoring tools including App Dynamics, Grafana, and Kibana to monitor application performance and identify potential issues.

·        Experience in the banking domain is preferred, with a strong understanding of the unique performance testing requirements in financial applications.

·        Hands-on experience in microservices and API performance testing, including load testing, stress testing, and API endpoint validation.

·        Proficiency in Java scripting is preferred, enabling customization and enhancement of performance testing scripts.



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