Company Name : SADAFCO

Packaging Operator – Saudi National Only

Job Description

Purpose of the job

To carry out the daily production operations in the Filling or DE machines, including line quality control, sampling, packaging materials feeding & handling in order to produce quality and safe products maintaining the efficiency of the “Line” at the optimum level with the lower packaging materials losses.

This also includes carrying out the “machines” preparation, including COP & CIP in order to clean and prepare the machine and the production line for the next production cycle within the given time limit (setup time) to achieve efficient production of Right First Time products.    


Key Accountabilities

Prepare filling, packaging and palletizing machines for production implementing the given work instructions, cleaning, sterilizing and preparation procedures, check lists and operation manuals.

Conduct the line inspections and quality control checks (sampling, package integrity, date printing, stickers-cap-straw positioning, trays quality, wrapping films and palletizing quality) and keep the relative records.

Implement the given sampling procedure, record all abnormal events and stops in the production log sheets and report it to the section’s team leader.

Monitor all critical control points (CCPs), control points (CPs) and critical to quality parameters (CtQs) in accordance to the written procedures, work instructions and manuals.

Maintain a perfect hygiene level in filling, DE machines and production line’s area and keep all equipment in the basic, standard condition.

Handle and store packaging materials, chemicals and samples following the 5S principle and using the designated areas.

Ensure all safety devices are in place and working.

Detect damages and temporary repairs and report it to the section’s team leader.

Escalates and reports any abnormal event (Break down, quality or safety issue) to the section’s team leader.

Follow the good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and good hygiene practices (GHPs), ensure a clean and safe working environment and comply with company’s health and safety, environmental and food safety standards.

Participate in daily, meetings providing line’s performance data or any other feedback / info related to the concerned line, as per the company’s operating system (SOS).

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