Company Name : TK Airport Solutions S.A.

Operatiosn Coordinator

Job Description

The main role of the Operations Coordinator is to monitor and coordinate requirements for Passenger Loading Bridge (PLB) operations.

The main job duties of the Operations Coordinator are the following ones.

1. To relay information of all flights that will utilize the PLBs on daily basis.

2. To know any incidents, breakdowns, delays, stand closure or any unusual events happened on the duration of previous shift at the start of every shift on daily basis.

3. To acquire important information from the authorized airport stakeholder regarding flight reallocations, stand changes, delayed or cancelled flights, and flights returning to stands, in order to avoid delays on the service and to ensure smooth operations

4. To inform the immediate superiors regarding VIP flights coming/ leaving from Emiri Terminal and to update status of the given flights using email, mobile or tetra on daily basis.

5. To collect staff attendance and send it to needed airport stakeholders for signing and scanning on daily basis.

6. To check and send necessary reports to internal departments on daily basis.

7. To coordinate with airport authorities for any ad hoc requests of Ground Power Units (GPUs) and Pre-Conditioned Air Units (PCAs) on circumstantial basis.

8. To inform the Maintenance Department through tetra or mobile for any alarms on the PLBs on ad hoc basis.

9. To prepare and send the necessary reports to concerned departments on monthly basis.

10. To perform duties as assigned by the OPS Duty Manager and as needed for the operations on daily basis.

11. To comply with the Airport Safety and Security Rules and Regulations and the internal safety rules and procedures of TKE on daily basis.

12. To wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times when working at site on ad hoc basis.

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