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Company Name : Forefront Middle East

Operation Manager

Job Description

Our client is a Hospitality company, is looking for Operation Manager to join their team in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia. The Operations Manager performs a primary and key role of protecting the interests of the company towards the companies (‘international brands’) in charge of operating owner’s properties on its behalf.


  • Participates to hotel management company (‘brand’) selection.
  • Evaluates with the Business Development team a proposed project (‘prospect’) potential.
  • Responsible to complete the project on time and on budget and at brand standards.
  • Meets owner’s objective as set by the company.
  • Meets the approved project schedule-budget.
  • Achieves good value for money.
  • Achieves quality end-product.
  • Ensures compliance with ordinance / regulations.
  • Coordinates with all consultants and give proper instructions.
  • Coordinates all works related with all stakeholders, including the Operator and gives Instructions.
  • Gives directions as per company’s request.
  • Ensures that there is a clear Organization Chart and clear role within the “site team”.
  • Monitors the work progress and schedule compliance.
  • Establishes systems to prevent losses of goods.
  • Approves expenses/signing of cheques based on the delegation of authority.
  • Prepares a monthly progress report.
  • Manages the tender (consultant) process.
  • Appointments of Professional Consultants.
  • Maintains proper project’s records and documentations.
  • Ensures work efficiency, good communication with all involved in the project.
  • Ensures that all consultants are properly licensed and covered by insurance.
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