Company Name : Vodafone Qatar

Network Optimization Manager

Job Description

As a bold global technology leader, our products and services touch the lives of millions, as well as lending a huge helping hand to some of the country’s most crucial organisations. From contactless payments to connecting emergency services, our technology delivers some truly exciting initiatives, not to mention the incredible connections we make on a global level every single day. We rely on the brightest sparks to help us deliver new innovations. So if you believe, like we do, that technology can help us imagine, create and realise a more connected future – then we need you to help us achieve that goal! We’re focused on building the best network, providing a knockout digital experience and giving back the very best to our customers. Not bad for a company you thought was just a mobile network provider, right? We’re here to prove we’re no one trick pony and our technology reach goes way further than you imagined. Read on to find out just how far….

With us you will:


  • Responsible to lead the Network Optimization team for troubleshooting and improving Customer Experience.
  • Must have hands-on experience on range of optimization tools and techniques including Drive Test analysis, 5G advanced parameter tuning, Special Event load balancing, End to End VoLTE trace analysis, End to End data trace analysis, 5G SA theoretical understanding.
  • The role requires presentation skills to compress and deliver key achievements and technical issues to C-level management. Excellent communication skills and presentations.
  • Must be comfortable with call flows and Parameter tunings on Huawei RAN with latest 5G features and software
  • Should act as a coach for Optimization team to upskill their technical competence and provide exposure for their EQ
  • Able to understand Data analytics methods necessary to assist in clarifying the customer experience, planning for improvement and finally demonstrating the success
  • Past experience with tools like Wireshark, PRS, Actix, QualiPOC, GIS softwares, Automation, Tableau.
  • Understanding of end to end aspects of Optimization like TCP flows, GQUIC, QUIC, VoLTE, SIP, RTCP, SRTP, 5G SA in order to improve the network experience.
  • Owns the Optimization team to provide customer experience improvement and troubleshooting via analysis of E2E studies.
  • Reports progress to higher management and translates company NPS targets into optimization actions and requirements.
  • Generates comprehensive plans for the year to improve experience, network SWOT analysis, benchmark analysis from market competitor, special event tuning.
  • Able to follow-up actions from different stakeholders to get the desired KPI improvement
  • It’s very essential that candidate has the right personal skills to be effective team player, strong drive, and adaptable.
  • Creative and strategic thinking will help the candidate lead the team efficiently in synergy with the other stakeholders to achieve the world class customer experience for Vodafone customers.
  • Support the roll-out of new systems and applications
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