Company Name : Mitsubishi Power Saudi Arabia

Monitoring Engineer

Job Description

This position is for Saudis only.

Job Summary:

Monitoring Engineer (ME) supports the operation of the company by monitoring operating condition of Gas Turbine (GT) installed at client’s sites. ME will stay in Remote Monitoring Centre (RMC) located inside Wasit Gas Program (WGP) and work to cover 24/7 by two shifts. ME to contribute to achieve client’s highly reliable plant operation by operation monitoring, predicting issues and advising actions whenever necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring 11 Gas-Turbines operation
  • Manage operating data of each gas turbine
  • Reporting monitoring result daily and monthly basis
  • To be focal point with client’s board operators as to operation monitoring and first aid activities
  • Reporting any urgent event to back office in DMM
  • Analyse root cause of abnormalities
  • Supporting Customer Support Engineer with operational trend, information for analysis, comparison of operation among units
  • Visiting client’s site as needed including at urgent case
  • To be flexible to team all the time with being reachable even during off duty
  • Conducting periodical maintenance of monitoring system
  • To stay at our client’s camp and commute to WGP

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Effectively communicate with employees of all levels
  • Understand quality policy of the company and perform QC according to it
  • Prepare and revise the procedure of quality management as necessary
  • Following all of the safety policy, custom, and guideline
  • Cooperating with a team in the proactive effort to achieve company or department goals
  • Contributing to build the positive spirit of a team
  • To have confidentiality obligations regarding the information you learn through the work at the company.
  • Not to disclose the information to the third party
  • To prevent to use the information by the third party for benefit
  • To maintain the highest degree of honesty and integrity at all times
  • Be able to make effort to understand and solve technical incident
  • Preparing and making technical report, the procedure, estimate, and etc.
  • Be positive to learn
  • Be able to train a successor
  • Be positive attitude to work in multi-cultural environment
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