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Company Name : Middle East International School

Middle School Principal

Job Description

Middle East International School is looking for an outstanding experienced Middle School Principal who is excited to join our growing team of educators.

1. Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior.

2. Manage, evaluate and supervise effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the school consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school including instructional programs, extracurricular activities, discipline systems to ensure a safe and orderly climate, building maintenance, program evaluation, personnel management, office operations, and emergency procedures. Ensure compliance with all laws.

3. Establish the annual master schedule for instructional programs, ensuring sequential learning experiences for students consistent with the school’s philosophy, mission statement and instructional goals.

4. Supervise the instructional programs of the school, evaluating lesson plans and observing classes (teaching, if necessary) on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and practices consistent with research on learning and child growth and development.

5. Supervise in a fair and consistent manner effective discipline and attendance systems with high standards, consistent with the philosophy, values, and mission of the school. Ensure a safe, orderly environment that encourages students to take responsibility for behavior and creates high morale among staff and students. File all required reports and document all parent meetings.

6. Establish a professional and respectful rapport with students and with staff. Display the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with students, parents and school personnel.

7. Notify immediately the Head of School, when there is evidence of substance abuse, child abuse, child neglect, severe medical or social conditions, potential suicide or students appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.

8. Keep the Head of School advised of employees not meeting their contractual agreement.

9. Research and collect data regarding the progress and history of students.

10. Keep the staff informed and seek ideas for the improvement of the school. Conduct

Meetings and professional development, as necessary, for the proper functioning of the school:

11. Establish procedures that create and maintain attractive, organized, functional, healthy, clean, and safe facilities.

12. Assume responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of students, employees and visitors. This includes regular drills for emergencies and disasters.

13. Maintain a master schedule to be posted for all teachers.

14. Establish schedules and procedures for the supervision of students in non-classroom areas (including before and after school).

15. Maintain visibility with students, teachers, and parents.

16. Communicate regularly with parents, seeking their support and advice, so as to create a cooperative relationship to support the student in the school.

17. Use effective presentation skills when addressing students, staff, parents, and the community including appropriate vocabulary and examples.

18. Use excellent written and oral English skills when communicating with students, parents and teachers.

19. Maintain accurate attendance records.

20. Maintain and account for all student activity funds and money collected from students.

21. Communicate with the Head of School and Chairman, as needed, about the needs, successes and general operation of the school.

22. Establish procedures for safe storing and integrity of all public and confidential school records. Ensure that student records are complete and current.

23. Protect confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and use discretion in sharing such information.

24. Organize and supervise procedures for identifying and addressing special needs of students including health-related concerns, social, learning and emotional needs.

25. Enforce uniform policy so as to assure a school environment that is focused on building community rather than on individuals.

26. Provide and supervise a safe recreation and play period for the students.



* Valid teaching certificate

* Master’s degree in MA, MED or Educational Leadership or equivalent

* Minimum of five years of teaching experience 

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