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Medical Director For A Big Hospital In Jeddah


Job Description :

Planning & Monitoring ProcessEnsure providing the best medical service rendered to patients by regular monitoring for quality and appropriateness by overseeing documentation and care planning.Review regularly admission transfers, and discharges of patients.Monitor the consistent high level of patients’ satisfaction levels in ER, Inpatient and ICU.Conduct medical reviews for the open files of patients in the hospital and compare them to the actual occupancy in order to ensure strict controls and effective medical operations.Plan for and ensure appropriate utilization of medical human resourcesII. Operational Excellence ProcessMitigate continuously the risk of mortality and morbidity.Reduce the rate of mortality to the minimum by taking all the precautions and safety measures.Ensure prompt medical interactions with patients by providing a quick medical service from both physicians and equipment sides.Retain patients by handling medical patient complaints while reducing the number of DAMA for medical and financial reasons.Attend the hospital meetings of (medical care, pharmacy, quality committee, operational, safety and infection control) to facilitate open channels of communication and aid in issue resolution.Work closely with medical staff to establish an accountability framework for physicians that addresses ethical, legal and fiscal responsibilities.Understand and apply legal procedures that is related to patients’ rights, while facilitating the patients’ choice of physician.Comply with call list of physicians.Educate physicians and other medical professionals on maintaining clinical/medical standards in the context of individualized care.Encourage and support management training for physicians in leadership roles.Address the medical emergency issues.Deliver projects’ milestones on time as planned, with high levels of accuracy and effectiveness.Apply revenue generation models through regular discounts to deserved patients.Increase efficiency per specialty by converting part timers’ specialists to full timers.Promote a climate and develop mechanisms which ensure constant upgrading of physicians’ skills.Assist in building a stable, well trained and supportive manpower according to the plans.Is engaged in capacity building and accountable for employees turnover rateBe involved with the hospital physician recruitment processes.Assist the Department Heads in the performance appraisal process for members of the medical staff.Participate in disciplinary actions of the hospital’s medical teams when appropriate.Encourage and support innovation, using evidence based approaches applied in a health contextBe aware of trends, issues and values that are shaping the futureUse change management skills to help medical staff to change the health care environmentCollaborates in the development of the medical expense budget and assures conformance with budgetary guidelines.Participate in the activities of the community marketing when needed and seek out opportunities for integrating other health programs into the services of the hospital.III. Innovation ProcessAssist medical department heads ,quality assurance; pharmacy, infection control, safety and medical care committees in setting and obtaining objectives for the improvement of the quality of medical care and resource utilizationParticipate in the development and periodic evaluation of policies and procedures.Participate in the education and training activities of nursing staff members and identifies and suggests topics for in-service training through observation and evaluation of patient care.Initiate new services and projects in order to generate a continuous revenue growth rate, while increasing the charge per visit per specialty.

Job Requirements :

Education:Bachelor of medicine of an accredited university is required.Management experience in a health/medical field is essential.Experience:5-7 years of experience in Medical Managerial field in the same industry.

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