Company Name : Confidential Company Saudi Arabia

Material Engineer ( roads)

Job Description

  • Review plans for new products and make recommendations for the selection of materials based on design objectives, such as heat resistance, strength, weight and cost
  • Conduct tests on raw materials and finished products to ensure they meet quality standards and specifications
  • Prepare budgets and proposals, write reports and analyze labor costs and ensure all projects remain within budget
  • Plan and conduct laboratory operations for the development of fabrication procedures and materials that meet specifications and standards
  • Analyze product issues and failure data to better understand the causes of problems and come up with better and more innovative solutions
  • Guide and supervise technical staff members during the material development process and ensure work is done correctly and safely
  • Consult with corporate executives and other engineering professionals as necessary to plan and assess new projects and their objectives
  • Modify the properties of substances such as metal alloys by utilizing mechanical and thermal treatments

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