Company Name : Mohamed N. Al Hajery and Sons Co. LTD

Marketing Supervisor (E-Commerce)

Job Description

Job Purpose

To lead the Marketing efforts in order to attract, develop and retain customers by identifying, interpreting and profitably satisfying the market needs and enhancing the equity of different brands/ products in order to achieve or exceed Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons Brand’s and business objectives. Also responsible for overseeing the analysis and monitoring of the 4Ps and managing new product introductions in line with Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons Policies and Procedures.


Key Roles and Responsibilities



Strategy Formulation



  • Oversee all aspects of the Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons Marketing activities. Develop strategies and execute plans that position Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons with Customers as trusted and leading Brands delivering exceptional value, great quality and convenience every day.
  • Develop long-term business planning utilizing performance review, data analysis, customer and industry insights and market trends in partnership with Vendors/Brand partners.



Budget & Cost Control


§ Develop the FMCG Marketing Department’s budget and maintain approved budget to ensure all FMCG activities are within the assigned budget by setting the required targets and responsibilities.

Policies and Procedures

  • Assist in the development and ensure the implementation of the FMCG Department’s established policies and procedures and comply with Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons other policies.
  • Administer prompt, fair and consistent corrective action for all violations of company policies, rules and procedures.

Marketing Manager Activities

  • Collaborate with the Marketing Manager – CHC to develop an annual Ecommerce marketing plan for all In-store activities in line with the sales forecast and setting up an annual Ecommerce marketing budget to cover the plan expenses.
  • Identify the strategic trends in the Ecommerce Marketing fields and ensure alignment with and implementation of best practices.
  • Direct and advise the medium to longer-term operations of the respective departments by providing expertise, encouraging and ensuring teamwork, providing leadership, and facilitating the integration of work processes in order to achieve high performance standards in a motivated work environment at Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons.
  • Conduct periodic variance analysis to provide brand specific feedback on over-spending (exceed budgets) or under-spending (underutilization of budgets).
  • Lead the marketing effort to attract, develop and retain customers by identifying, interpreting and profitably satisfying the market needs.
  • Oversee all activities related to development of new brands, preserving and enhancing the brand equity of existing brands.
  • Preserve and enhance the reputation of brands to ensure Top of Mind recall and expand consumer base through appropriate positioning and pricing strategy.
  • Manage the implementation of all activities related to Promotions in order to ensure and increase the public interest pertaining to the purchase of Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Son’s Brands / products.
  • Manage the activities – Marketing function in an effective and efficient manner, while ensuring:
  • The presence of Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons Brands / products are on multiple Social Media Platforms while seeking followers’ engagement at all times.
  • Timely production and publishing of Valuable and related content on Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Son’s websites.
  • Oversee the Execution of Online Campaigns in line with the set plan, time line and desired objectives.
  • The effective and efficient development and execution of Digital media plans in line with Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Son’s guidelines and standards.
  • Oversee and ensure that the Graphic Designers finalize and submit the required designs in a timely and accurate manner and in line with the business requirements.
  • Oversee to ensure that events are implemented in line with the set plan, timeline and Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Son’s guidelines and standards at different locations, such as Schools, Malls, Festivals, Exhibitions, etc.
  • Initiate studies to understand and analyse the market competition and provide reports to build the Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons Brands.
  • Review new concepts and ideas to launch new product offerings that meet unsatisfied demands in order to improve sustainable growth.
  • Develop a series of trackers to monitor and evaluate the success of all promotional activity, seeking to spread best practice in an effective manner and to ensure effective use of the marketing budget.
  • Oversee the all activities pertaining to market research and data analysis.
  • Coordinate with the Corporate Communication Agencies regarding (advertising, promotions and design development).
  • Negotiate the rates for space booking and delivering of artwork and imagery from potential vendors.
  • Oversee Team members to monitor the delivery process to ensuring time deadlines are maintained and payments are arranged.
  • Promote cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders. Manage and execute the Mohamed Naser Al – Hajery & Sons ideal in a positive, constructive manner to ensure rapid acceptance of new ways of doing business
  • Provide quick response to feedback and adjustment to programs, as needed, to best serve customers and store operators.
  • Develop a monthly plan for all in-store activities (Consumer promotion, extra visibilities, POSM, In-store branding, event & campaigns… etc) in line with sales forecast and CHC Brand plan.
  • Develop quarterly promotion schemes for each CHC Brand separately in coordination with Marketing & Sales Manager in order to achieve the best sales results.
  • Oversee the monthly Ecommerce marketing plan implementation to ensure best possible outputs.
  • Oversee the monthly consumer promotion distribution between the outlets of each area to ensure the best possible healthy sales and target achievement.
  • Present a quarterly “sales vs. budget” analysis along with revised Ecommerce marketing plan for the rest of the year if needed.
  • Present a full analysis concerning ROI report.
  • Present a quarterly analysis report about other competitors’ activities in the market.
  • Working along with the marketing team concerning all planned activities to keep both tools connected.
  • Review and approve developed planogram / layouts at retail in order to merchandise products.
  • Develop new items launch plans to gain maximum distribution, while ensuring high level of accuracy.
  • Periodically analyse statistical information gathered by the teams on customer preferences, inventory requirements, potential new clients and business practices.
  • Generate regular and special reports for the Marketing Manager that summarize and forecast activities and financial position of Ecommerce Marketing activities and escalate critical issues to provide effective recommendations in meeting the key challenges.
  • Perform ad-hoc and other duties related to the job as assigned by the Direct Manager.
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