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Company Name : KUN International Sports.

Marketing Manager

Job Description

Role Purpose:

Develop a marketing strategy in line with the brand’s image and oversee the different marketing activities to ensure an increase in brand awareness. Analyze and understand market and customer data in order to leverage market insight to identify potential opportunities for growth.


  • Manage the creation of brand content for marketing and deal with advertisement agencies as necessary
  • Manage the execution of research and surveys on public perception of the company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Review and realign the communication strategy based on feedback and analysis of marketing campaigns
  • Actively monitor best practice trends and tools for effective marketing strategy and execution
  • Stay abreast with the current market trends in the fitness industry in order to understand their potential impact on Kun Sports operations and take initiative-taking action if required
  • Lead the analysis on market penetration by benchmarking segments that competitors have experienced success in to extract insight and leverage it to develop a market penetration strategy
  • Communicate opportunities in the marketplace to leadership in order to expand Kun Sports market penetration and aid in achieving its business targets
  • Review and approve the establishment of Marketing standards, requirements and policies and procedures in order to ensure quality
  • Gather, study, and analyze the customer’s data and study consumer purchase behavior, market, and seasonal trends in order to tailor product and service offerings to fit customer needs
  • Review and present opportunities in the marketplace to the GM, to expand the B-IT market penetration and thereby achieve its business targets
  • Develop strategic partnerships, priorities, and business plans to secure new sources of viable business for Kun Sports
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with potential suppliers and customers in order to continue to receive feedback that can be used to adapt the marketing strategy
  • Oversee regional and international market research studies and analyze their findings to identify and prioritize target market opportunities accordingly
  • Oversee the gathering of market intelligence in order to identify gaps in customer account intelligence
  • Organize and execute regionalized digital marketing efforts for grand openings
  • Lead projects related to local social media, the app, and text club
  • Gathering design and copy content needed for regional campaigns
  • Support location page, website, and keyword ranking efforts on all levels
  • Maintain ongoing regional data and strategy documentation
  • Using social media marketing tools to create and maintain the company’s brand
  • Develop social media marketing campaigns
  • Interacting with customers and other stakeholders via the company’s social media accounts
  • Analyzing the company’s digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements
  • Researching social media trends and informing management of changes that are relevant to the company’s marketing activities
  • Coordinate with operations department to maintain customer/ member satisfaction rate.
  • Work closely with sales and digital departments to coordinate for campaigns and discounts.
  • Work closely with sales to set pricing methods.


  • Formulate and lead the effective execution of the Marketing Management Section plans based on the Kun Company’s strategy in order to ensure seamless operations that facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives
  • Ensure the timely provision of data and reports to the leadership and recommend operational improvements in order to support in planning, decision making and continuous improvement
  • Ensure the timely provision of input to the reporting Units, in line with the approved governance process, to ensure that reporting Unit’s requirements are reflected in the overall strategy
  • Monitor monthly and quarterly performance results, identify performance gaps and ramifications, and lead the development of corrective actions that tackle the root causes


  • Consolidate all reporting unit’s financial input to formulate the Marketing Management Section budget and submit to leadership for approval
  • Manage the allocation of budget across the Marketing Management Section to ensure complete adherence and highlight any deviation from the plan in a timely manner and take corrective action as necessary


  • Formulate workforce planning reports and talent acquisition plan and budgets for the Marketing Management Section to ensure adequate staffing for optimal operational smoothness, and submit to the leadership for approval
  • Set performance management objectives for all reportees and perform performance reviews. Monitor performance and give ad-hoc advice when necessary to ensure that performance objectives are met
  • In coordination with the Human Resources Department, identify talent for pivotal roles from a succession management standpoint to ensure business continuity


Collaborate and engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure effective achievement of the Marketing Management Section objectives

  • Maintain regular communication to ensure harmony and engagement to goals in line with set policies, guidelines, processes, and standards 

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Advertisement Area
Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Free People Finder Tool
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