Company Name : HRInvest

Marketing Executive

Job Description

Responsible for handling and implementing all of The Company’s community relations, marketing campaigns, external communications, and marketing events as a part of the Marketing Department to enhance The Company’s overall reputation and brand image.

Marketing Activities

  • Implement marketing and promotional strategies and campaigns for The Company as a part of the Marketing Department while coordinating with other departments within The Company and the advertising agency.
  • Collect needed information to evaluate all campaigns in regard to cost and results analysis; identify trends and projections for future campaigns.
  • Update and promote club items (sportswear, gym merchandise, nutritional supplements, etc.) and services to current and prospective club members in collaboration with the Operations Department.
  • Assist the graphic designer in developing concepts for The Company’s logo and branding, and raise concerns/enhancements about the logo to the management, if needed.
  • Coordinate with the advertising agency regarding The Company’s logo enhancements and brief them with the required enhancements to be made to the corporate identity.
  • Design and coordinate with printing offices regarding The Company’s sportswear and gym merchandise and ensure timely delivery and replenishment of the same.

PR and Communications Activities

  • Maintain a positive corporate identity and brand image by the proper implementation of branding strategies for The Company as directed by the Marketing Manager.
  • Maintain The Company’s website to include press releases, media, branches, products, and related contact information.
  • Manage The Company’s internal and external communication by acting as a reference for communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide input regarding the design, creation, and copy writing of campaign literature such as publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films, and multimedia programs.
  • Arrange the production and distribution of publications and other media to publicize The Company’s activities and promote a positive brand image.
  • Implement media related activities such as preparing and issuing press releases on behalf of The Company.
  • Coordinate with external agencies in the planning and execution of events while ensuring accuracy and timeline adherence.
  • Maintain relationships with external media providers and demonstrate hospitality to guests.
  • Assist in organizing employee relations through events such as open days, football matches, team dinners, etc.
  • Perform ad-hoc and other duties related to the job as assigned by the direct manager.

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