Company Name : Mezzan Holding Company

Manufacturing Cost Controller

Job Description

  • Manufacturing Cost Controller role is responsible for understanding and managing cost drivers and maintaining control over manufacturing costs.
  • His/Her responsibilities include developing standard unit costs and Bills of Materials (BOMs), ensuring inventory accuracy, and strategizing with department heads to minimize waste.
  • Conduct cost analyses, implement cost-cutting measures, and roll out cost-saving programs.
  • Managing period-end and year-end closings, overseeing budgets for Manufacturing & Manufacturing Service Cost Centers, and establishing internal controls.
  • Create detailed analyses and reports for the P&L and develop production analysis reports to aid decision-makers.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of cost drivers and their interdependencies.
  • Participate in developing unit standard costs and BOMs for new and existing products, ensuring accuracy.
  • Ensure standards for material, labor, and overhead rates are accurate.
  • Conduct cost analyses to identify cost reduction opportunities.
  • Develop and implement proactive solutions and cost-cutting measures.
  • Roll out cost-saving programs with clear timelines and assessment goals.
  • Manage period-end and year-end closings of the Manufacturing Cycle.
  • Develop and follow-up on budgets for all Manufacturing & Manufacturing Service Cost Centers.
  • Build a comprehensive detailed analyses and reporting structure for the P&L, particularly the cost of goods manufactured portion.
  • Maximize efficiency at all levels without compromising quality.
  • Perform monthly analysis of variances (Labor, PPV, Overhead).
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