Company Name : Credit information Network Company

Manager – Strategic & Operational Risk

Job Description

       . Support the Head of ERM in implementing the Risk Management processes-

      Define the operation risk scope, context and criteria, risk assessments, risk treatments, monitoring and review, and recording and reporting of risks

        Perform business process understanding and process documentation capturing applicable risks, and current controls in place

        .Identify major operational, strategic, credit and liquidity risks and confirm key controls in place-

      .Perform assessment of risks applicable to Company (Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, and Risk Evaluation)-

      Support the development of risk mitigation plans for risks facing the company, and follow up on their implementation

         .Collate and report key risk indicators (KRIs) for key risks to the Head of ERM-

       .Ensures the resilience, design and implementation of all operation risk processes and assets to mitigate the risk-

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