Company Name : Confidential Company Dubai

Management Accountant / Finance Manager

Job Description

Management Accountant / Finance Manager

Job Brief:

  • Role requires an individual with strong accounting skills and understanding of finance, who is also able to take initiative and ownership of managerial tasks, and institute and uphold best practices, policies, internal controls, and systems.
  • Implement accounting standards and maintain business accounts. Prepare periodic statements, reports, and prepare tax submissions.
  • From scratch, be able to generate suitable and practical summary reporting templates and dashboards for meaningful business data.
  • Assist management with new business feasibility evaluations. Create financial models and calculate budgets, estimates, projections, and risk assessments.
  • Must be able to adapt to multiple roles, be cross-functional, and take on occasional ad hoc tasks as required by the business.
  • Candidate should be good at self-management, taking initiatives, and identifying opportunities for improvement, and must not always be reliant on a senior member for guidance or routine instructions.
  • Senior management must be able to “delegate and forget” tasks and the trust the candidate for assured quality of work, without fear or worry to verify and validate any inputted or calculated data for errors. Attention to detail and accuracy is extremely important!

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Minimum 8 years in similar role within the region.
  • Minimum undergraduate / bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or related.
  • Accounting and/or finance certifications preferred (i.e. CPA, CMA, etc…).
  • Must be comfortable and experienced with advanced finance tools: ratios, valuation methods, etc…
  • Fully compliant with IAS/IFRS and/or GAAP standards.
  • Highly proficient with Microsoft Excel; good foundation in VBA macros and office automation is a plus.
  • Must be experienced with commonly used accounting platforms, at the very least Inuit QuickBooks Online.
  • High level of fluency in both written and spoken English. Knowledge of other languages advantageous.
  • Candidate must provide accurate and precise attention to detail, be an analytical and goal-oriented thinker, and be able to comfortably multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently.
  • Senior management must be able to “delegate and forget” tasks and the trust the candidate for assured quality of work, without fear or worry to verify and validate any inputted or calculated data for errors.
  • Ideal candidate should also be tech savvy; be comfortable in using cloud-based services, look for opportunities to automate flows and reduce overheads and repetitive/tedious processes.
  • Will have visibility and access to sensitive financial data and insight of businesses, candidate must be trustworthy and must have references.

Tasks and Duties:

  • Generate all essential accounting and management information reports: income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, asset tracker, utilization summary, etc…
  • Take lead in filing all local and foreign taxes (VAT, rental income, corporate, etc…)
  • Issue invoices, track payments, and coordinate shipment documents for export sales.
  • Perform statistical and quantitative analysis and evaluations, calculate current and future project ROIs, and identify alternatives and opportunities to reduce cost.
  • Generate detailed and functional business models for new business opportunities and create projections and forecasts.
  • Maintain property and asset portfolio, manage salary payroll, interface with bank accounts, conduct business transactions, disburse and receive funds, and perform internal audits.
  • Manage all bill payments (telco, service charges, tolls, loans, utilities, etc…) for all properties and accounts, foreign and domestic.
  • Manage petty cash and expenses as per authorization matrix.
  • Monitor tenant payments and accounts receivables and follow up where needed.
  • Review contracts and assist with business development, attend meetings, perform risk assessment, quantify qualitative information.
  • Substitute for general managerial role in absence of executives.
  • Maintain all accounts and business’ integrity to be compliant with local authorities, statutory requirements, and tax requirements.
  • Assist with generating procedural and SOP documents, maintain organized files and records, and digitize and organize existing documents in pursuit of a paperless work environment.
  • Immediate deliverables:
  • Review existing accounting system, implementing best practices, position to generate on-demand reports and financial dashboard.
  • Digitizing of all key historic documents, and setting up file management system going forward for paper-less environment.
  • Interfacing with property brokers, lease agents, facility management, etc…  and setting up a tenancy management platform.
  • Setting up a payment and authorization matrix.
  • Creating templates for routine summary reports and dashboard.
  • In addition to all of the above, candidate must also be able to occasionally engage in a variety of non-accounting tasks, identify opportunities for improvement or how future challenges can be prevented, and have the aptitude and intellect to take decisions and get things done without the need for constant micro-management.

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