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Company Name : THE BRIDGE CO.

Management Accountant

  • Qatar

Job Description


The goal is to contribute to the decision-making process of management that will ensure business growth and long-term success.

Key Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

–        Gather and analyze financial information to evaluate the efficiency of financial procedures.

–        Analyzing key financial data and assist the Chief Financial Officer on business planning and strategic planning.

–        Assist in developing and implementing cost-effective financial policies and procedures.

–        Preparing financial reports.

–        Perform operative analytics and evaluate the company’s performance using key data.

–        Conduct risk assessment and advise on ways to minimize risk

–        Advise on problems and suggest improvements

–        Preparing budgets, as well as controlling and forecasting income and expenditure.

–        Overseeing accounting procedures and supervising junior financial department staff.

–        Keeping informed of regulatory requirements and best practices in management accounting.

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