Company Name : Confidential Company Jeddah

Location Searcher

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Search rental offers and find the proper real estate for new site locations. And study the market needs and demand to look ahead for any changes in roads and competitor market to increase company opportunities to grow.

Key Accountabilities:

Search analysis for all of the company’s Sites, Stores, Offices, Warehouses.

Grow and strengthening relationships with major business partners internally and externally.

Adhere to sites selections criteria in alignment with the committee

Monitor, report , market and government regulations

Analysis  the market needs, demand and, and competitor market to increase company opportunities to grow

Create & update potential locations database to improve new location searching process for stores, warehouses & admin offices.

Follow execute the company strategy growth, new locations, relocations..etc.

  1. Responsible for Negotiating with property owners
  2. ensure the technical specifications for equipment, power sources…etc. on site are met

Setting the example for the ethics and values of the business and demonstrating cultural sensitivity with high personal visibility throughout the company.

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