Company Name : Confidential Company Al Kuwait

Linux/NGINX System Administrator

Job Description

Maintain, enhance and create tools for the Linux/Nginx environment and its users.

Back up, recover, maintain and migrate data and programs.

Identify and resolve service problems for the Linux/Nginx environment.

Providing Server support for the Developers, Database and infrastructure team.

Implementing, testing and documenting nginx system configurations to optimize operations and security

Tasks such as backups, application deployment and configuration, security hardening, patch management, continuous monitoring, access control, and performance tuning of Linux/Nginx environment

Maintain data backup operation for off-site locations in Kuwait and Egypt.

Contingency and disaster recovery operations.

Automating repetitive tasks over Linux Systems

Provisioning and maintaining Apache web servers and databases.

Deployment of Inhouse Developed softwares on staging and production servers in Egypt and Kuwait

Maintenance including backup, restore, and performance monitoring

App/Web server administration/troubleshooting is must

Nginx administration/troubleshooting is must

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