Company Name : Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar

Librarian, Education & Research

Job Description

Position Summary

The position is responsible for promoting library collections, guiding users on complex literature searches, organizing workshops and outreach activities, and designing curriculum-integrated up-to-date research guides and modules that aid evidence-based learning.

Job Responsibilities

  • Undertakes curriculum mapping and collaborates with faculty and library users to ensure course offerings align with program goals and learning outcomes.
  • Develops curriculum-integrated, student-driven virtual and classroom teaching sessions, tools, and research guides that facilitate learning through evidence-based practice and research.
  • Provides advanced research assistance, reference support and guidance on research citation management and scholarly publication cycle.
  • Conducts expert searching and systematic literature reviews and delivers information that meets users’ needs and enables informed decision-making while promoting practices of Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, etc.
  • Designs and delivers virtual/face-to-face workshops, information skills sessions and outreach activities to educate users on effectively utilizing the library resources and create awareness of emerging trends and innovative research technologies.
  • Curates and maintains library collections in print and digital format to meet academic needs as per the area of specialization.
  • Assesses relevancy of library collection, conducts needs assessments, usability testing, and benchmark offerings with best practices and accreditation standards and recommends improvements to optimize workflow and enhance service delivery.
  • Actively participates in professional activities and writes publications relevant to the department’s work and/or to the Library and Information Science field.
  • Ensures library users and faculty are informed on library matters and innovations in their field of interest
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
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