Company Name : HCL

Job Opening for SSO Consultant

Job Description

  • Install and patching:  Installation, configuration and tuning of WebLogic, OBIEE, BI Publisher and Universal Content Management (UCM). UCM administration includes SOAP, Webdav, and Enterprise Content Management components including DM, WCM and DAM services
  • Conduct Troubleshooting:  Work with the App server DBA and Oracle DBA to resolve application problems.
  • Perform Migrations:  Migrate code between test QA and production environments.
  • Maximize High Availability:  High-availability design, configuration, and maintenance, including clustering and load balancing for WebLogic, OBIEE, BI Publisher and UCM
  • Create Configuration: Configuration of LDAP and SSO for WebLogic and WebLogic based products such as OBIEE, BI Publisher and UCM .
  • Perform Tuning:  Tuning of Weblogic, OBIEE, BI Publisher and UCM. Develops standards and tuning metrics and alert thresholds. Create standardized alerts for telephone/pager devices for exceptional performance thresholds.
  • Oversee QA: Review proposed changes and test them in a test and QA environment.
  • Create Documentation:  Develops a complete set of Weblogic documentation describing the current configuration of Weblogic, OBIEE, BI Publisher and UCM.
  • Develop Best Practices:  Attends conferences and gathers Weblogic best practices and standards for tested implementation.

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