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Company Name : Gold Future Investments LLC

Jewelry Sales Executive

Job Description

Job Summary

The Gold/ Jewellery industry is seeking to hire skilled Jewelry Sales Executives and is keen to work independently with less supervision.

The task covers the following:

  • Receive with a smile, the customer who walks into the jewellery store
  • Ensure that the customer is not left unattended
  • Promptly attend to the customers who walk into the retail area
  • Make customers feel comfortable through pleasing behavior, being polite and listening to their requirements
  • Introduce customers to different colours of gold jewellery such as white gold, rose gold and their characteristics
  • Introduce the customer the various types of precious stone available in the store such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald
  • Ensure that customer is engaged during the entire buying process
  • Be accessible to the customers for any queries
  • Introduce jewellery product offerings to customer
  • Post sale, check if customer is willing to interact via telephone or internet
  • Explain the broad variety of jewellery products available in the store such as Gold & Diamonds
  • Explain to customers different types of finishing such as enamel, geru finish and sandblasting
  • Make the customers aware of the quality of the jewellery products available
  • Explain the characteristics of the diamond such as cut, clarity, carat weight and colour and the grading standards of the diamond to the customers
  • List out the different types of Gold Jewellery available in the store and outlined the difference between 18 karat gold jewellery, 22 karat jewellery, etc. to the customers.

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