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Company Name : Confidential Company Eastern Province

IT Specialist

Job Description

  1. User account administration, providing technical support to existing users.
  2. Maintaining computer networks includes mainframes, VPNs, routers, and other physical hardware
  3. Administration of Microsoft active directory, print system, network, database, file storage, and call center/ IP Phone system.
  4. Fine-tuning the network to enhance the performance for users.
  5. Providing the required support as part of the team for IT disaster recovery procedures
  6. Understanding of Cybersecurity technologies and ensuring that policy and procedure is implemented.
  7. Coordinate data migrations, form, site and content creation and changes.
  8. Administer other global IT systems as adopted by the organization.
  9. Maintains confidentiality, protecting company, personal, and private information.
  10. Responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable Windows Servers (Physical – Virtual Hosts).
  11. Design, install and configure Active Directory, DHCP, Site Replication, DNS, and Group Policy configuration,
  12. Managing Mail services on the G Suite and Office 365 cloud environment.
  13. Install and upgrade computer components and software, manage virtual servers, and integrate automation processes.
  14. Communicating and collaborating with a variety of people, such as clients, vendors, management and Application owners during the creation and maintenance of a system.
  15. Administrate Kaspersky Antivirus Servers through Security Center and manage all tasks (remotely installation, updating and syncing).

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