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Company Name : World Food Program - Other locations

IT Operations Assistant , Service Contract SC5

Job Description


These jobs are found in Country Offices (COs), Regional Bureaux (RBs), and Headquarters (HQ). The Job holders report to a Head of the Unit, Chief or Information Technology Officer, or the designate.

At this level job holders are expected to take responsibility for completion of a range of processes and activities requiring interpretation of standard guidelines/practices. Job holders are able to recommend a course of action to staff at various levels and may allocate tasks to other staff.



To deliver high quality technical support, system and data maintenance across a range of areas, in order to contribute to the effective delivery of IT services.


  • Provide training and support of WFP staff in emerging technologies and applications (mainly Office365, Outlook, Unified Communications, VoIP telephony, Digital Services, … etc.).
  •  Provide training and support of WFP staff for Cloud solutions and collaboration applications (e.g., OneDrive, ZOOM, TEAMS, SharePoint, … etc.).
  • Install, operate, and maintain emergency telecommunications systems and equipment, to ensure optimal services in compliance with standard operations procedures.
  • Install and maintain mobile telecommunication equipment (such as Digital Radios, BGAN, IRIDIUM, Thuraya, Thuraya IP, … etc.).
  • Maintain, test Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, including Telecommuting.
  • Setup, configure and maintain information records such as updating web pages and statistical databases, and creating Dashboards to ensure the information is current and well organized.
  •  Maintain staff support and request tickets in WFP corporate ticketing system.
  •  Store and maintain WFP ICT systems logs or archives of information in database for proper data presentation and visualization using Dash-boards tools.

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

  •  Provide WFP Palestine Gaza office and staff with any requested ICT services and supports in compliance with WFP IT Hardware and software standards.
  • Carry out system maintenance tasks such as performing monitoring tasks, running system diagnostics, and system optimization, to ensure they are running effectively and enable easy and efficient use.
  •  Setup and maintain of the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), Multi-Functional Printers, VoIP Desk phones, Wireless Access Points/Controllers, … etc.).
  •  Maintain technology, including standard repairs, configuration, and storage, in accordance with data security and access controls to ensure IT equipment required for WFP staff is available.
  • Maintain and monitor network and systems, servers, and peripherals, using standard tools to diagnose problems, and identify IT security vulnerabilities or attacks (Viruses, intrusions, and other mal functions).
  •  Disseminate and maintain standard materials, such as computer hardware and/or software for WFP Gaza office.
  •  Maintain a backup plan to backup Office data on timely basis.
  • Provide standard training to end users of technology and systems to ensure staff use standard technology and systems effectively



  • Understand and communicate the Strategic Objectives: Helps teammates articulate WFP’s Strategic Objectives.
  •  Be a force for positive change: Suggests potential improvements to team’s work processes to supervisor.
  •  Make the mission inspiring to our team: Explains the impact of WFP activities in beneficiary communities to teammates.
  •  Make our mission visible in everyday actions: Articulates how own unit’s responsibilities will serve WFP’s mission.


  • Look for ways to strengthen people’s skills: Trains junior teammates on new skills and capabilities.
  •  Create an inclusive culture: Seeks opportunities to work with people from different backgrounds.
  •  Be a coach & provide constructive feedback: Serves as a peer coach for colleagues in same area of work.
  •  Create an “I will”/”We will” spirit: Tracks progress toward goals and shares this information on a regular basis with supervisor.


  • Encourage innovation & creative solutions: Explores ways to consistently be more efficient and accurate in own areas of work and shares new methods of work with colleagues.
  •  Focus on getting results: Focuses on getting results and tracks trends in completion rates for own tasks to identify opportunities for efficiency.
  •  Make commitments and make good on commitments: Takes responsibility for own tasks and notifies supervisor as soon as possible of potential delays in meeting deadlines or commitments.
  •  Be Decisive: Independently decides what action to take when faced with critical choices in the workplace or in dangerous situations in the field.


  • Connect and share across WFP units: Suggests opportunities for partnering with other units to supervisor.
  •  Build strong external partnerships: Identifies opportunities to work with colleagues and partners in the field towards common goals.
  •  Be politically agile & adaptable: Develops an understanding of the value of WFP’s teams and external partners in fulfilling team’s goals and objectives.
  •  Be clear about the value WFP brings to partnerships: Aligns own activities with supervisor’s priorities to fulfill internal and external partner needs.

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Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
Creative shipping and logistics solution in Egypt
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