IT Call Center/ Customer Service Agent- Emirization – Nationals Only

Job Description

IT Call Center/ Customer Service Agent- Emiratization/ Nationals

A. Accountabilities:

  • Direct contact with customers through multiple communication channels to answer their inquiries about company services, setting appointments and solving claims with professional and hospitable manners.
  • Answer inbound/outbound calls and assist customers who have particular inquiries or questions.
  • Communicate with potential customers to build and emphasize their interests into company-provided services.
  • Identify service opportunities and present benefits effectively to acquire new business.
  • Conduct all telephone activities related to the scope of business. 
  • Provide feedback regularly on the effectiveness and soundness of policies and procedures of the customer service department.
  • Update the customers’ profiles in the system and cleanse the old data to avoid conflict.
  • Handle customer complaints effectively and escalate to higher levels.
  • Apply to company policy and procedures.
  • Follow up the calls of the customers with clerical duties which include calling, emailing, faxing, and filling up paperwork.


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