Islamic Education Head


Job Description :

Islamic Education Head.  Working on developing the business in two vertices.Curriculum development and implementation.To scrutinise the current curriculum and teaching methods and to advise on the development of the business in this area.To have an experienced background in teaching Islamic and Quran Education to 5-18 year olds.Teacher Training and Development To devise training and development plans for tutors we hire in Egypt to work on our platform.To devise training videos that become our resource to train and develop our tutors with the aide of online resources.Draft and develop competency tests, to assist Human Resources Department in filtering applicants suitable for our teaching roles.Design tutor review and auditing methods to serve as Quality Control Checks.To work with the IT department in helping build our digital property and student resources.

Job Requirements :

A UK based online Islamic Education Company, established in 2019, currently employing 40+ tutors and serving 500+ students.  The ideal candidate will be responsible for identifying and approving the curriculum we teach as an online school, focusing on the ages of 5yrs to 18yrs.The role requires someone with sarong experience and qualifications in the area of Islamic Studies and Quran/Tajweed.IT literacy and fluency is crucial. Fluent English speaker, with excellent communication skills.Any work experience related to UK and USA will be helpful but is not necessary. (as this is where our clients are located)

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