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Company Name : Sapphire Recruitment Consultants

Investment Manager, Up to AED 35,000 per month, Ajman

Job Description

Our client is seeking an experienced Investment Manager to join their team. The function of this role is to facilitate effective investment decision-making and performance monitoring, which is the central element of risk management. You will contribute to ensuring investment in viable businesses with growth and value creation potential, risk-adjusted returns and steady cashflow, ultimately securing the expansion of our client’s overall wealth. You will not be bringing investments ‘to the table’ you will be ensuring that the investment is viable through thorough due diligence processes and procedures. This is an office-based role that offers good benefits.


  • Deal screening by carrying out initial business diligence including key market and financial figures of the investment opportunity, estimate of the investment size, expected returns, deal bankability and deal breaker (if any)
  • Lead the formal due diligence process
  • Lead the preparation of the Investment Thesis that will be presented to the Investment Committee
  • Lead financial model preparation including financial statement modelling and valuation (DCF and multiples)
  • If the investment opportunity is relevant to one of our clients’ subsidiaries (i.e., the “Portfolio Company”), work with the relevant Portfolio Company’s team to conclude the formal due diligence process and the Investment Thesis
  • Liaise with the in-house Lawyer to conclude the legal documentation required for the deal
  • Work with the CFO to conclude the optimal capital structure of the deal
  • As applicable, work with external consultants on commercial, financial, and operational aspects of the deal
  • Quarterly carry out performance monitoring report of all our clients’ investments and Portfolio Companies by providing valuation (using DCF, multiple valuation or net value of assets) and returns (in the forms of money multiple and IRR) for each investment and Portfolio Company
  • Assist on joint venture structure and investment exit strategy and scenarios (as applicable)

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