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Company Name : Al Takamul Group

Internal Auditor

Job Description

Job Scope & Accountability

1.   Establish the foundation of the Internal Audit Department.

2.   Plan, organize and carry out the internal audit function.

3.   Prepare annual audit plan / charter.

4.   Review the IT system access and ensure compliance with the company delegation of authority approved the board of directors.

5.   Review and evaluate internal procedures and supporting documentation to ensure that they provide an effective control system and to identify any weaknesses.

6.      Carry out or supervise audits and compliance testing to ensure that procedures are operating effectively with appropriate controls and recommend changes where necessary.

7.      Provide information and assistance to managers and staff to enable them to comply with financial and statutory requirements.

8.      Carry out reviews of specific functions and processes to promote best value and recommend improvements.

9.   Work with management to ensure a system is in place which ensures that all major risks are identified and analyzed, on an annual basis.

10. Conduct any reviews or tasks requested by Executive Management, and the Board of Director’s Audit Committee, provided such reviews and tasks do not compromise the independence or objectivity of the internal audit function.

11. Ensure Internal Audit projects deliver the results as expected and identify flaws or variances if any.

12. Provide both management and the Board of Director’s Audit Committee with an opinion on the adequacy of the internal controls in the organization.

13. Report to both the audit committee and management on the internal controls, policies, programs, and activities of the departments or functions being audited.

14. Recommend on the systems and procedures being reviewed and provide incorporation of management’s comments and corrective action plans in response to the reported findings and recommendations.

15. Coordinate audit coverage with the company’s external auditors and ensure that each party is not only aware of the other’s work but also well briefed on areas of concern.

16. Provide assistance to company supporting effort on the annual audit of financial statements or internal controls by the external auditors.

17. Ensure independence and objectivity of the internal audit function

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