Internal Audit Supervisor

  • Operations/Management
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Determine the scope of review and audit objectives for each scheduled assignment in conjunction with Internal Audit ManagerReview the suitability of internal control design to ensure that the internal control systems are implemented effectively and efficiently.Review and evaluate the business processes workflow, prepare the related workflow charts and perform business process re-engineering when necessary.Develop the audit programs, and perform the required audit procedures/testing accordingly.Identify reportable issues and its related dimension of risk then recommend the necessary corrective action to mitigate the identified risk.Communicate with line management to obtain an audit assurance of risky areas highlighted.Assess compliance with company’s policies and procedures and applicable laws and regulationsEnsure that all audit working papers and other related documentation pertaining to the audit assignments are prepared in an adequate manner.Conduct periodic follow-up reviews to evaluate the adequacy of management’s corrective action plans.Assist and guide staff auditors by transferring the experience to carry out their assigned tasks.

Job Requirements :

QualificationsBSc./BA. in Accounting or Finance. 5+ years of experience at same level.Strong experience in internal audit engagement management, supervision, and control;Strong knowledge in internal audit methodologies and approach; Communication and interpersonal skills Technical CompetenciesPlanning and OrganizingRisk ManagementAnalytical ThinkingInitiativeLeadership CompetenciesCommunicationTeam LeadershipConflict Management, Networking – Relationship Building.

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