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Company Name : Confidential Company Kuwait

HVAC Supervisor

Job Description

Responsible for supervising all activities related to HVAC maintenance contracts in both commercial and residential settings, while ensuring that the overall maintenance activities are implemented at an optimal cost in line with the company Policies, Procedures, Safety Standards and Service Level Agreements.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Implement the Annual Maintenance Department’s policies and follow the set procedures in order to achieve the AMC Department’s objectives.
  • Oversee the maintenance activities related to HVAC maintenance contracts in both commercial and residential settings (such as cleaning AC grills and filters on installed air conditioning systems) and inspect completed work of the same to ensure conformance to standard.
  • Oversee various HVAC testing on all equipment as to safeguard the Heating and Ventilation Systems/ Equipment and ACs with regard to their operational longevity.
  • Manage the availability of necessary Maintenance tools and equipment’s in order for the maintenance team to execute tasks in an effective manner.
  • Manage the audit on the technical aspect of maintenance spares to ensure their relevance with current requirements and desired specifications.
  • Ensure that all preventative maintenance programs comply with the company Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensure that all analysis and troubleshooting activities are conducted inline with the set policies and procedures.
  • Monitor the replacement activities of all Heating Ventilation and air conditioning systems that cannot be fixed.
  • Ensure on-the-job safety standards/practices by adhering to the company Quality Standards through the maintenance of a clean and safe work area. 
  • Ensure timely resolvement and settlement of complaints to ensure prompt and efficient resolution of all customer enquiries.
  • Perform ad-hoc and other duties related to the job as assigned by the Direct Manager. 
  • Prepare and submit reports to the Direct Manager covering all the Maintenance activities (HVAC maintenance) conducted in both commercial and residential settings which include identification of potential problems, as well as recommendations for corrective action on a regular basis.

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