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Company Name : CEPCO

HSE Officer/HSE Engineer

Job Description

  • Ensure the implementation that all projects’ sites are complying with all health and safety regulations.

• Conduct compliance with all the requirements of the law and the instructions issued by Government institutions and authorities pertaining to the works of the project.

• Prepare monthly random check plan across CEPCO projects.

• Prepare reports indicating the results of all the health and safety checks conducted on CEPCO projects and operations and provides recommendations for improvement/remedial actions as needed.

• Prepare the relevant HSSE reports including the incidents that occurred, the site in which the incidents occurred, the recorded time of the incident and approve the most appropriate course of action.

• Develop methods to manage potentially hazardous conditions and practices in systems, equipment, facilities, or processes to be used in projects.

• Assist the HSSE Manager for conduct awareness sessions to maximize awareness on HSSE activities and develop and issue safety instructions when necessary, to correct safety violations.

• Implement health and safety conditions in the labour camp

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