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Company Name : Confidential Company Al Kuwait

HR Officer-Recruitment.

Job Description

•  Determines the vacancy requirements through job descriptions and liaises with departments to understand the job/vacancy prerequisites and specifications.

•   Identifies and sources candidates through variety of the recruitment sources such as online job portals, social media, resume database, referrals etc.

•  Maintains and manages CV and job application database as received and sourced

•  Reviews, analyses and shortlists candidate profiles as per the JDs and business requirements.

• Organizes and conducts interviews and assessments for the shortlisted candidates.

•  Coordinates and schedules interviews between the department managers and the candidates.

• Negotiates compensation and benefits effectively with the candidate during the job offer and provides information with clarity. 

•   Liaises and maintains relations with various overseas recruitment agencies for the bulk recruitment with focus on quality and cost and time effectiveness.

•   Plans, organizes and performs end to end recruitment activities for overseas trips in line with the recruitment agency.

•    Seeks opportunities to partner with recruitment agencies with enhanced contractual terms and conditions in terms of time, cost and quality.

•   Provides timely response and information to the successful and unsuccessful candidates via phone or email.

•   Performs reference/background checks for the candidates as required.

•   Plans, develops and manages the appropriate job adverts on various mediums such as newspapers, social media, online job portals and other channels to attract candidates.

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