HR Officer

Job Description


  • Transact all employee changes during the administration cycle such as change status and or amendments, salary changes, bank details, designation change and benefits change.
  • Prepares weekly and monthly Dashboard reports and other management reports from the ERP system to distribute to the Finance, PR and HRM.
  • Checking and verifying ticket entitlement for all employees
  • Serves as the 1st step approval in ERP for HR prior to final approval from HRM for transactions as Leave Request, Duty Resumption, Termination etc.
  • Circulates to Operations team the pending duty resumption report from the system and advising them to do the necessary action as applicable – termination, reinstatement, and other tasks as applicable.
  • Serves as the contact person for any bank related queries and verification for employees i.e. employment verification, employment reference with the approval of the HRM Ensures leave applications are based on leave entitlement / accruals. Highlight and channels any concerns on non-consistency and or inaccuracy of the HRM system to the IT function Maintain a database for additions and deletions of medical insurance plans Validate and reconcile deletions of members in all medical plans Validate all additions in all medical plans Arrange and submit all applicable documents for the medical insurance additions and deletions Handles other tasks as per advised by HRM.
  • Prepare Contract Renewal communications for all types of HR related transactions within the process.
  • Prepares salary amendment, renewals, promotion, demotion, and termination letters.
  • Verification of invoices for the INSURANCE providers to validate – employees names, cancellation date, addition date, etc. after taking approval from management.
  • Receives the endorsement of cancellation – termination or resignation from operations, verifying the same on LWD, Exit Interview, Resignation letter and other documentation required to support the exit process.
  • Verifies and transact the names endorsed for cancellation in ERP and updates the manual excel file in parallel for validation purpose.
  • Coordinates the employee clearance process and work with the respective departments on approvals for the process and notify the payroll function of closure along with supporting documentation.
  • Transacts in ERP resignation acceptance for those employees whose resignation applications are confirmed.
  • For new joiners and for immediate cancellation, handles the same on urgency and takes the approval from HRM and circulate the same to the team for immediate cancellation and repatriation ticket from agent.
  • Facilitates exit interview for resigned employees at the Corporate office
  • Retrieve the access cards, bloom discount cards and Fazaa cards for resigned and or terminated employees.
  • Facilitates the IT process and prepares the necessary forms for Corporate employees and the necessary approvals.
  • Confirms and verifies the list sent by Payroll for any changes in IBAN details for employees
  • Prepares a new joiners and leavers list and submit the same to Payroll for reference every payroll cycle (serves as reference on salaries to be excluded, on hold or any additions)
  • Prepares and drafts warning letters and or termination letters as advised and approved by Management
  • Prepares and drafts salary certificates/salary transfer/experience certificate and other documentation as required by employees on request basis.
  • Follow up with the relevant department head on the probation status and confirmation for newly joined employees in Corporate Office
  • Provides administrative support to HRM
  • Handles the resignation formalities for white collar employees by ensuring notice period and other required formalities are compiled by the employee along with the confirmation of the client.

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