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Company Name : The ReKruiters

HR Manager/Team Leader/Specialist/Officer

Job Description

  •  Contribute to the implementation of the plans drawn up for the administration by the senior management and submit reports on the progress of the department’s work to the assistant director of human resources and the general manager of human resources.
  •  Follow-up and control over the implementation of administrative plans and policies by his employees, powers, regulations, and work procedures, making proposals for their development, and submitting reports to the Assistant Director of Human Resources and General Director of Human Resources in this regard.
  •  Contribute to supervising the operations of providing the company’s needs of human resources in accordance with approved plans and budgets, completing all administrative work related to personnel affairs, and submitting studies on labor rotation rates.
  •  Contribute to the application of the use of human resources programs and link them with all subsidiaries
  •  Contribute to the issuance of circulars and administrative decisions regulating work and its mechanisms and follow-up on their implementation.
  •  Preparing programs and plans for training and developing the company’s workforce and following up their implementation in coordination with the company’s administrative units and working on reviewing performance reports and the achieved level of training and development.
  •  Ensuring the health and safety of the behavioral status of employees, adherence to administrative procedures and instructions (disciplinary reports), and ensuring the application of sanctions regulations to violators.
  •  Ensuring the implementation of the approved procedures for selecting employees, promotion, transfer and termination of services, applying the incentives system, annual increases, rewards and penalties according to the regulations, and submitting reports on the employment history of employees.
  •  Participation with the head of the human resources team – the salaries and entitlements unit in the formation of reports of the job hierarchy and the development of the job grade of employees in all subsidiaries and the parent company
  •  Ensuring the completion and renewal of the necessary licenses for the activities of the company and its subsidiaries to ensure the continuity of the operation in the required legal form
  •  Follow-up on the renewal of insurance policies for workers and property (life insurance policy, worker injuries) and follow-up to social insurance and any special transactions with state agencies.
  •  Reviewing and sending all documents of the monthly variables to the salaries and entitlements unit within the delivery period and excluding what it deems appropriate for necessity upon delivery in the closing period.
  •  Supervising the implementation of administrative affairs, reviewing them and distributing them to the other administrative units of the company and those related to it after their approval and the application of the administrative regulations and decisions to which the company is subject.
  •  Ensuring compliance, implementation and control of all systems and regulations that govern the work of administrative affairs and providing administrative assistance to other sectors, divisions and units of the company and subsidiaries to facilitate compliance with them and their effective application.
  •  Cooperating with government agencies to benefit from the support provided in the field of training, such as the Manpower Restructuring Authority and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, and to communicate with the training offices and institutes approved by the company.
  •  Participate in the development of standards and tools for evaluating work performance and start applying them after their approval within the limits of the terms of reference
  •  Participation in the preparation and updating of the functional and organizational structure.
  •  Participating in updating the company’s internal regulations and preparing the necessary policies and procedures for human resources and submitting them to the assistant director of human resources
  •  Providing the necessary service contracts for the company and for the various departments and sections of the highest quality and lowest cost, in accordance with the terms of the Suppliers Committee after the suppliers’ approval and classification.
  •  Monitoring the disbursement of fuel and telephone allowances to those who are entitled to them and within a correct and codified standard
  •  Follow up on labor issues regarding his side and instruct those who are required to provide the legal department with the required documents
  •  Review evaluations of performance indicators, prepare summaries, including them, for the assistant director of human resources, and be consistent with the percentages approved by the Board of Directors
  •  Supervising the petty residency unit and the expenses related to its work
  •  Supervising contracts and supplier lists for the Procurement Unit and the associated policies and procedures
  •  Supervising procurement and the correctness of its procedures
  •  Supervising service contracts such as phones, hygiene, insurance …. etc.
  •  Supervising the follow-up of monthly vehicle expenses and repair costs
  • Participation in committees specialized in human resources work, procurement work, warehouse work, and the work of committees for the sale and destruction of assets.
  •  Participation in investigation and grievance committees
  •  Participation in the follow-up of expert committees with regard to labor issues
  •  Supervising everything related to the logistical support of the main company and subsidiaries
  •  Direct supervision of the work of the representatives and correspondents of the Human Resources Department
  •  Ensuring the quality of government relations related to the group and the validity and readiness of the company’s files and licenses

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Advertisement Area
Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
Creative shipping and logistics solution in Egypt
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