Company Name : ENRRA

Health, Safety, and Environment (HS& E) Specialist

Job Description

Main Job Purpose

The main purpose of this position is to plan, coordinate, and implement strategies and action plans to manage activities related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Environmental issues, and risk management, including emergency and evacuation planning, firefighting system, work permissions for maintenance activities, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), in line with ENRRA’s Integrated Management System.

Key Responsibilities

  • Establish, create and update the HSE policies and procedures to be aligned with ENRRA’s objectives and priority for Safety Culture in cooperation with Quality and Audit Department.
  • Ensure the functioning and continuous improvement of the HSE Management system, and maintaining compliance with the applicable requirements of ISO, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.
  • Review, interpret and apply HSE compliance laws to injures, accidents and incidents for employees.
  • Organize the HSE activities regarding the occupational safety of employees, risk management, emergency and evacuation planning, and conduct the hazards risk assessment in coordination with the Quality Department and Security Department to control risk.
  • Maintain proper documents for risk registers, risk identification, preventive measures and corrective actions taken for OHS&E.
  • Participate in the implementation, development, and enhancement of the safety culture in ENRRA.
  • Monitor and control ENRRA’s building firefighting system (fire hydrant, fire hoses, fire sprinklers and the fire bump), and fire alarm system (Control panel, detectors and the fire call point).
  • Organize, manage and control the safety work permits to eliminate the work hazards.
  • Provide HS&E governmental office with all required legal documents to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Conduct the safety tool box talking for each Department to increase the safety awareness and ensure the proper implementation of the safety policies, procedures and rules.
  • Manage and lead the safety investigations for work accidents, analyse root causes, take proper corrective action, communicate the lessons learned with Head of Department and employees to avoid its occurrence in the future and provide safe work environment.
  • Specify and organize the safety training programs for ENRRA’s employees in coordination with the Centre of Excellence to increase HSE awareness, to properly deal with working hazards, emergencies and comply with legal requirements.
  • Follow up and monitor the environmental issues and conditions to maintain a clean environment and comply with legal requirements.
  • Prepare Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports for the Head of Technical Support and laboratories Department to ensure the safety procedures are handled as planned.
  • Carry out all other similar tasks assigned by the Head of Department.
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