Company Name : Arab Monetary Fund

Head, Trade Finance Operations Division- Arab Trade Financing Program organization

Job Description

Key Accountabilities and responsibilities:

  • Supervision and management of the day-to-day activities and operations of the Trade Finance Operations Division funded and unfunded facilities.
  • Interacting with National Agencies and other parties to improve the level of services and develop the Program’s financing and credit operations.
  • Preparation of the required agreements in coordination with the Legal Department, and monitoring adherence of National agencies to the agreements.
  • Processing of funded and unfunded facility requests, providing recommendations in accordance with the Program’s policies and procedures, and following up on decisions taken on the transactions.
  • Preparing studies and proposals on the policies and procedures of the Program, including the funded and unfunded facilities, pricing, financing tenors and credit limits policies, in coordination with the relevant departments.
  • Preparing, reviewing, and updating the required policies, procedures and controls framework that allows implementation the approved financing and credit policies of the Program.
  • Implementation of the rules and procedures approved by management in all matters related to financing rules, promotion of the Program’s activities, and developing a business plan the program’s financing activity within ATFP acceptable risk framework.
  • Coordination and collaboration with the Trade Information Division with the aim of developing and enhancing management information systems, data retention and reporting requirements for funded and unfunded facilities.
  • Prepare forecasts for the annual budget, monthly and quarterly projections for the department’s expected financing activities, provide estimates of financing operations, and prepare periodic and annual reports relating to the Program’s financing activities.
  • Coordination with the Finance and Accounts Division in regard to funded commitments disbursements & repayments, and preparation of required reports.
  • Coordination with National Agencies for the signing of funded and unfunded facilities agreements and related activities.
  • Reviewing of Financing applications and related documentation to ensure that they are complete and in compliance with ATFP approved policies and procedures.
  • Continuous review and update of the division policies, procedures, and risk registers.
  • Any other activity assigned or requested by the Department Director, or ATFP management.

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