Company Name : NCBIS - New Cairo British International School

Head of Supply Chain

Job Description

·  Manage the entire process in the planning of procurement and supply chain activities, inventory control and logistics, ensuring effectively-functioning processes to avoid costly delays and lost opportunities.

·  Ensure effective lines of communication between requesters (other departments) and the procurement team to ensure priority requirements, timely delivery of goods, works and services using the most appropriate procurement procedures.

·  Be responsible for introducing process improvements in the supply chain and identify new vendors/suppliers without jeopardizing quality and service delivery.

·  Manage relationships with vendors, suppliers and contractors that facilitate smooth flow of services.

·   Ensure full compliance of procurement activities with the internal procedures.

·  Ensure effective use of internal Standard Operating Procedures in Procurement, control of workflows, continuous business processes monitoring and elaboration of improvements in systems and processes.

·  Manage and monitor all transactional procurement including tendering processes, evaluation, contracting, contract management, legal considerations and payment conditions, contractors, performance evaluation and risk assessment

·  Implement strategic procurement including sourcing strategy, supplier selection and evaluation, quality management, customer relationship management and performance measurement.

· Ensure timely preparation of procurement plans for projects and monitor their implementation by controlling processes including receipt of requisitions, organization of RFQ and RFP, receipt of quotations, bids and proposals, evaluation and negotiation of certain conditions of contracts in full compliance with internal procedures.

· Develop and manage the rosters of suppliers, elaborate supplier selection and evaluation, quality and performance measurement mechanisms.

· Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual procurement plans and progress reports as required.

· Lead the establishment and management of professional procurement services through Long Term Agreements and networking.

· Promote a zero-tolerance for violations of procurement policies and procedures.

Contracts Administration and Management

·      Provide oversight over various contract management processes and ensure transparency.

·      Develop and implement systems for internal control that would ensure compliance with contractual terms and conditions in collaboration with other departments.

·      Negotiate contract terms with bid winners and the selected contractors in the best manner achieving the best interest of the school.

·      Monitor and analyze contract performance against agreed benchmarks through agreed reporting mechanisms and advise relevant department on potential issues and recommend remedial actions.

·      Negotiate, within the terms and conditions of the contract, solutions to conflicts/problems arising in case of poor performance or non-compliance with contractual obligations and convene meetings with contractors to allow ample opportunity for the identification and early resolution of potential disputes.

·      Conduct activities required by the contract including logistical support, accreditation, licensing, verification of goods, monitoring of activities and performance of subcontractors.

·      Develop appropriate contract management tools, guidelines and manuals for standardization and knowledge sharing purposes.

·      Prepare Purchase Orders, Amendments, and requests for contract awards and/or waivers for accumulated procurement values ensuring that all specifications, terms and conditions are clear and correct.

Logistics and Asset Management

·      Facilitate and manage the customs clearance process for the imported supplies, materials and resources.

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