Company Name : PROVEN

Government Relation Officer

Job Description

  • Keeping abreast with current labour/immigration laws and updating the HR staff on any changes.
  • Responding to staff enquiries on visa/labour/passport matters
  • Monitors the implementation of an improvement process for all immigration& labour records to be tracked and maintained through the company system.
  • Operation services such as transfers and Iqama renewals.
  • Keep the HR & CRM team informed of significant problems that may jeopardise the achievement of company goals.
  • Organises attestation of certificates and legal translation of documents and other activities related to immigration and labour.
  • Oversees the implementation of the immigration & labour responsibilities of the company in Saudi. Monitors administration to establish standards and procedures. Identifies opportunities for improvement and resolves any discrepancies.
  • Provides advice to management on local and government services.
  • Protect the interest of the company in accordance with governmental authorities, laws and regulation.
  • Communicates with various government agencies for certification of documents and coordinates with third parties on documentation needs.
  • Other duties as requested from time to time.
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