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Company Name : Acuative ME

Genesys Contact Center Consultant

Job Description

Be able to demonstrate your ability to lead or guide teams made up of Cisco, Customer and Partner members in the analysis and troubleshooting of complex network issues.

§ Check for newest Genesys systems that suits the contact center and build it.

§ Collaborate with solution experts to develop and deploy secure solutions.

§ Experienced with implementing Cisco collaboration solutions.

§ Ability to multi-task, self-start, work in a fast-paced team environment and work independently while maintaining outstanding communication skills.

§ Exceptional integrity, outstanding communication skills, and strong interpersonal skills are critical traits.

§ Proven Expertise on Cisco and Genesys contact center products.

§ Experience designing contact center solutions to meet AL RAJHI BANK requirements.

§ Skilled in designing contact center architecture to meet AL RAJHI BANK specification.

§ Experience creating customer requirements for designing custom contact center solutions.

§ Interface with management and vendors to develop and implement new contact center solutions to meet business requirements.

§ Build the contact center solution to meet Multi-site datacentre design, migrations and buildouts with disaster recovery planning and implementation.

§ Design and manage the rollout of various contact center scenarios with necessary capacity planning, performance tuning, and configuration optimization.

§ Solve unique or complex problems that have a broad impact on the business. Take a broad perspective to identify innovative solutions.

§ Analyze business requirements to develop technical contact center solutions and their framework.

§ Design, test, and inspect contact center systems.

§ Perform contact center modelling, analysis, and planning.

§ Develop technology roadmaps.

§ Develop test plans, implementation plans, and project timelines for various projects.

§ Determine production direction.

§ Assess vendor development/test strategies.

§ Solve complex problems with many variables.

§ Framework Routing & Reporting Foundation

§ Framework Routing & Reporting Operations

§ Framework Routing & Reporting Administration

§ Framework Routing & Reporting Foundation

§ E-Services Foundation

§ E-Services Administration

§ Gathering Business requirements

§ Design new business routing needs

§ Design new solutions for the contact center

§ Enhance the routing in a better way to satisfy the customers.

§ Perform integration with 3rd party applications.

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