Company Name : Al-Jerawy Sponge & Furniture Industries

Furniture factory Operation Manager

Job Description

We are looking for an Operations Manager/Coordinator who comes from a manufacturing background in high end interior fit-out and loose luxury furniture with the following responsibilities :

Responsibilities :

  • Initiate and propose strategic plan for factory operations in the Company, defines the critical success factors and ensures after approval by the Board, the achievement of the vision/targets by setting and maintaining the correct focus for the organization.
  • Develop systems and processes that track and optimize productivity and standards, metrics, and performance targets to ensure effective return on assets.
  • Translate broad objectives to specific goals for the various functional units resulting in effective and efficient implementation plan for factory operations.
  • Ensure preparation of Operations Budget in line with developmental goals to ensure consistency in profitability and growth for the Company
  • Implement and maintain the factory operations strategies to deliver the customer service objectives working functionally with Project Management/Commercial
  • Plan, organize, direct, and run optimum day-to-day operations to exceed our customersТ expectations
  • Organize workflows to meet specifications and timelines and implement methodology to measure due date delivery performance
  • Evaluate production schedules to plan team structures and development
  • Oversee the pre-production meeting to implement strategies to reduce expenses and increase productivity across all product lines
  • Develop and maintain production metrics for quality, delivery, and safety
  • Review production practices and equipment: make proposal for improvement to ensure that they are maximally effective
  • Ensure that items/ product produced by the production team always meet quality standards
  • Monitor products standards at various levels of production and at the point of release so that cost of rework is reduced /eliminated
  • Appropriate health and safety procedures are in place and applied rigorously.
  • Build strong rapport with the production team through open communication, promote a positive, safe, productive, and efficient work environment
  • Continually analyse, identify and set expectations to motivate team members to achieve objectives and goals
  • Provide overall guidance and direction to the business, particularly for factory operations, as well as, direct reports and project team members

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