Company Name : Confidential Company Al Kuwait

Front Desk Receptionist – Mobile Service Centre

Job Description

Job Pupose

To provide consumers and dealers with convenient, fast, professional, assured and comfortable services, let customers have a pleasant service experience, improve customer satisfaction and value of the brand.


  1. Provide professional and standardized reception services for on-site customers, answer frequently asked questions, and hand over professional problems to maintenance engineers or technicial supervisors for processing;
  2. Appease the dissatisfied customers at the service center, As much provide individual needs of the customers ; transfer the customer’s exceeding expectations to the supervisor, and assist in tracking the processing results;
  3. During the service compaign, according to the company’s requirements, actively participate in personalized services, create surprises, and enhance image;
  4. Responsible for the service center’s hotline inbound business, providing customers with professional and standardized call services;
  5. Responsible for the outbound service of the service center: return visit for dealer device which is defect via customer report, notification of material arrival, reply to user consultation questions, etc.
  6. Assist the supervisor to set up holiday phone messages to let customers know the working hours of the service center;
  7. Responsible for checking recording system of the service hotline is all good every day and ensure the system is working properly all the time.
  8. Actively respond to team building activities and create a healthy, sunny and positive team style;
  9. Timely study the service policies, product knowledge and other content issued by the factory, actively learn the knowledge in the V-learning learning system, and take the exam on time
  10. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors:Collect customer suggestions, feedback and competitive product information, etc.
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