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Company Name : Alesayi Motors

Fleet Sales Supervisor

Job Description

Role Purpose

Responsible for managing a profitable fleet department. Develops strong Commercial Business relationships that result in consistent fleet orders. Responsible for the sale and lease/finance of New vehicles to existing or new customers. Expected to meet both sales quota and gross profit targets on a consistent basis. Ensuring Fleet team to meet or exceed CSI (customer satisfaction) and SSI (sales satisfaction) objectives by team members.

Key Activities


  • Create new customer portfolio by team.
  • Meet customer satisfaction & coordination/ follow up with other departments and branches.
  • Achieves on-time delivery as agreed for the department.
  • Develop and maintain full working knowledge of all company systems, procedures, and policies.
  • Provide Full product knowledge and finance options solutions.


  • Achieve Alesayi set targets (Monthly and quarterly) for quality & quantity by team.
  • Create consistent key accounts customers.


  • Reviewing the customer database of existing, previous and targeted companies on a regular basis.
  • Distribute the customer database to the sales team in a fair and more transparent manner.
  • Planning the daily activity of the sales team and arranging the daily and weekly visits plan in advance with the sales team for the targeted sectors.
  • Communicating with at least 10 clients from his list of clients, documenting and submitting a report on that.
  • Arranging to visit between 4 to 5 clients on a daily basis for each Fleet sales consultant.
  • Discussing customers and determining their needs in the varieties of cars.
  • Make complete and clear quotations and explain the financing options available to the customer.
  • Personal communication with the parties involved in financing to facilitate and expedite financing sales transactions for customers
  • Reviewing all sales transactions to verify the completion of all related records and documents to ensure smooth transactions for customers.
  • Conducting a test drive of Mitsubishi vehicles for corporate customers and documenting customer feedback, if available.
  • Maintaining Carriage’s customer marketing file data.
  • Follow up and close customer files sent via the CRM call center during the business day.
  • Ensure that the warranty booklet for the cars sold is filled out and explained to the person responsible by the customer.
  • Follow up on the relevant departments to ensure that the cars sold are delivered on time.
  • Reviewing and auditing the daily report of customer visits and transactions in progress and sending it to the line manager and channel manager on time.
  • Submitting field research reports on models and competing companies, collecting prices and offers, if requested by the administration.
  • Review the existing sales with the annual target for the current year with a visualization (forecast of sales for the new year) and submit it to the branch and channel manager.
  • Participate in selecting and hiring corporate sales staff in terms of analyzing and describing the work, and determining the required qualifications and their source.
  • Determining the training needs of the corporate sales staff and the type of training required for each individual.
  • Motivating the companies’ sales staff to identify different motivation methods and to constantly search for rewards that stimulate and raise sales figures.
  • Evaluating the efforts of the companies’ sales staff in terms of defining effective and objective evaluation models to reach a logical judgment on performance.
  • Submit periodic reports on sales to senior management.
  • Any other tasks assigned to him related to his field of work.

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