Fleet and distribution lead

  • Operations/Management
  • Egypt


Job Description :

Oversee transportation of goods to customers and monitor logistics from the distribution centre to ensure products are delivered in an accurate and timely manner.Prepares the distribution budget and evaluate inventory and freight costs associated with transportation to ensure low expense cost and profit margin.Maximize fleet utilization to optimize the cost against sales orders. ▪ Streamline the distribution system and procedures and establish effective controls.Devise efficient logistics management system to ensure availability of distribution fleet and delivery of products as per committed timelines and costEnsure proper resource planning and utilizationManage distribution’s subcontractors/vendors, comparing the rates and negotiate P.O. contract terms and conditions and evaluate their performanceSet and monitor distribution department’s KPIs. ▪ Create SOP for distribution department ▪ Ensure compliance to applicable regulatory and statutory requirements both local and abroad for export business.Formulate Management Information System (MIS) reports relating to distribution activities and submit to top management for facilitating the decision making processEnsure fleet reliability (maintenance of cryogenic tanks and trucks).Ensure effective maintenance on fleet to control the cost as per budgetidentify processes that need improvement and initiate continual improvement drives.Manage staff training needs to ensure continuing competence by planning and implementing the training to achieve maximum productivity.Chart safety measures to minimize occurrence of accidents and other incidents. ▪ Ensure that proper safety and welfare measures are consistently undertaken to safeguard resources. ▪ Provide leadership to attain congenial working conditions in the distribution areas. ▪ Assists with hiring of distribution personnel. ▪ Set employee’s objectives and conduct performance review for all distribution staff.Prepare and submit timely and accurate reports for management. ▪ Perform other work related duties as required. ▪ Lead by example to observe HSE rules and regulations. ▪ Identify hazards and employees’ safety concerns, and work with HSE Specialist to resolve them. ▪ Accountable for own health and safety and do not put others at risk in the course of work performance. ▪ Comply with company policies and procedures at all times. ▪ Perform other duties as assigned by the General Manager. GM / Supply Chain Director Distribution Manager Job Description Job Profile – Distribution Manager P a g e | 2 HR-E-01-F01 rev.03 Standard Position KPIS and processes ▪ % Distribution Cost to Revenue ▪ Number of Trips per Month Bulk / Driver ▪ Number of Trips per Month Bulk / Truck ▪ Tanker Capacity Efficiency Bulk ▪ Bulk Tanker Utilization ▪ KMs travelled per trip Bulk ▪ Transport Cost per Ton Delivered ▪ # Average fuel consumption ▪ Distribution Cost per ton ▪ Liquid distribution losses ▪ % Unplanned Overtime ▪ % Distribution Cost to Revenue ▪ Truck Capacity Efficiency PGPG Truck Utilization ▪ # Average fuel consumption ▪ Distribution Cost per cylinder ▪ Transport Cost per Cylinder Delivered ▪ % Unplanned Overtime ▪ Average MT Delivered Per Day ▪ Timely tracking and records update ▪ Number of Trips per day PG / Driver ▪ Number of Trips per day PG / Truck ▪ Cylinder Rotation ▪ KMs travelled per trip PG Sub-Processes:TeamworkCommunication skills ▪ Problem solving and negotiation skills Authorities ▪ Analyse data to inform operational decisions or activities.Analyse financial records or reports to determine state of operations. ▪ Negotiate contracts for transportation, distribution, or logistic servicesPrepare and present departmental budget to top management for final approval. ▪ Resolve customer complaints or problems.Coordinate with the safety manager to develop safety standards, policies, or procedures. Evaluate environmental impact of operational or development activitiesTrain employees on environmental awareness, conservation, or safety topics. ▪ Monitor resources.

Job Requirements :

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent Language proficiency in English, Arabic is a plus Excellent leadership skills with ability to handle blue color and white color 

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